5 Best Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained on Road Trips

Road trips are a great family adventure, but your little ones might start feeling a little bored during long stretches of travel. Keeping your kids entertained while road-tripping is quite a challenge, but these tips can help you plan a fun-filled journey for the whole family.

Fun Games

From “I Spy” to spotting different license plates, the list of fun and interactive games you can play while driving along is pretty much endless, and they’re a great way to pass the time.

Planning Ahead

Don’t postpone planning fun activities until you’re already on the road. Plan ahead and pack everything you need beforehand, from toys to coloring books and puzzles.

Regular Stops

Your kids won’t get bored as easily if you make regular stops during your journey. Allow your little ones to stretch their legs and explore new landmarks along the way.

Travel Journaling

Encourage your kids to give travel journaling a shot. This activity will allow them to create lasting memories by documenting their activities, while also keeping them occupied.

Video & Audio Fun

You can also use audiobooks, music, cartoons, and interactive games when your kids are looking for a little extra entertainment. These forms of entertainment can be a lifesaver during long stretches of travel, but keep in mind that it’s still important to limit your kids’ screen time.