5 Best Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained on a Plane

Flying with kids can be a dream come true or a living nightmare, depending on how well-behaved they are during the flight. Keeping them entertained while you’re up in the air can make all the difference, and here are some useful tips and tricks to get it done.

Comfy Flight

The comfier your kids, the more bearable the flight is going to be. Put them in their coziest clothes, and bring their favorite blanket and pillow along to make the flight more comfortable.

Window Seat

Everyone loves the window seat, including your little ones. There’s something truly magical about gazing at clouds and buildings underneath, and it will keep your kids entertained for a while.

Watching Movies

Most airlines offer pre-loaded movies on long-haul international flights. Watching them on a tablet to keep your kids busy is also an option, just make sure to download them beforehand.

Coloring Books

Coloring on a plane sounds like a challenge, but that’s half of the fun! Pack a coloring book and some pencils or crayons to keep your little ones entertained thousands of feet above the ground.

Card Games

Card games can be fun for a whole family, so make sure to pack a deck of Uno in your bag before a flight and kill some time by playing it with your little ones.