5 Basic School Supplies That You Should Buy For Cheap

The list of things you’ll have to buy for your kids at the start of a new school year is pretty much endless, and the expenses will quickly add up. That’s why it’s extremely important to save money where you can – starting with these basic supplies that you can easily buy for cheap.


Even if your kids are nagging you to buy them overpriced fancy notebooks, try to resist the temptation. Old notebooks will be long forgotten after the school year is over, so avoid wasting too much money on them.

Standard Pencils

Unless your kid is interested in art, there’s no need to invest your money in high-end pencils because a pack of regular pencils will get the job done.


Highlighters come in all colors of the rainbow these days, and you can even find glittery, pastel, and fluorescent models on the market, but spending more money on them doesn’t make much difference.


If your kid needs a calculator for math and science classes, stick to a basic model with all the necessary functions instead of spending a fortune on advanced models.

Art Class Supplies

From drawing paper and brushes and acrylic paints and watercolor sets, the list of possible supplies your kid will need for the art class is pretty long. It’s best not to buy them in advance but when the need arises so you wouldn’t spend too much money at once.