5 Amazing Ideas for a Family Trip This Fall

Most families struggle to find time for travel once the school year starts, but yours doesn’t have to be one of them. If you want to keep exploring the world with your little ones this fall, here are five fun travel ideas that your whole family can enjoy.

Weekend Getaways

It will be pretty tough to free up your schedule during work days in the fall, but how about putting your weekends to some good use by embarking on a road trip with your family?

Train Rides

You don’t even have to own a car to enjoy fall travel to the fullest. Consider taking a train ride through picturesque landscapes to give your kids a new perspective on the stunning fall scenery.  

Camping Adventures

Early fall is an amazing time for camping and glamping adventures. There’s nothing quite like gathering around the campfire with your family and telling stories under the stars – and you should definitely do it this fall!

Fall Activities

From visiting apple orchards and pumpkin patches to checking out harvest markets and fall festivals, this season brings a long list of amazing activities along, so look for ones you can enjoy in your local area.

Natural Wonders

Fall is a great time to enjoy many amazing natural wonders that your local area has in store, from nature reserves and zoos to botanical gardens with themed fall displays.