4 Unique Ideas for Making Your Own Ornaments at Home

Making ornaments with your kids can be a fun holiday activity. The homemade decorations will give a warm and personal touch. Here are four great DIY ornaments you can easily make at home.  

Cinnamon Stick Stars

Bundle cinnamon sticks into star shapes using hot glue, creating fragrant and charming ornaments. These not only look beautiful but also add a holiday scent to your home.

Melted Crayon Masterpieces

If your kids are a bit older and you’re ready to try something truly unique, this is for you. Remove paper labels from crayons, break them into small pieces, and arrange them inside clear glass or plastic ornaments. Apply heat using a hairdryer, letting the colors meld into a stunning display.

Pinecone Ornaments

Take a stroll outdoors to gather pine cones as a base for your natural ornaments. Add a touch of paint, glitter, or even a dusting of artificial snow. Attach a ribbon or twine for hanging, and voila—an elegant and rustic addition to your tree.

Salt Dough Creations

Create a classic and budget-friendly ornament using salt dough. Mix flour, salt, and water to form a pliable dough. Roll it out, cut shapes with cookie cutters, and bake. Once cooled, let your imagination run wild with paints and glitter.