3 Ways to Safely Cook With Your Kids

Being a parent is truly an incredible experience because there are so many fun ways to bond with them. If you’re someone who loves to cook, chances are you’re tempted to invite your kids into the kitchen with you so you can show them the ropes. While this is an excellent idea, it’s also crucial that you don’t give them tasks that are too complex or dangerous. On that note, here are three kitchen tasks you can give them that are both safe and easy.

Batter Mixing

Mixing anything, whether it’s a batter or some kind of sauce, is a pretty easy and safe kitchen activity to give your child to try. However, we’ll stick to our batter recommendation because it’s cold (as opposed to boiling sauce in a pot).

Liquid Measuring

When it comes to measuring liquids such as water, vegetable oil, or even vanilla, it doesn’t get much simpler and safer. Give your child the pleasure of getting the measurements right and then proceeding to add it to the mixture. They’ll love it!

Egg Cracking

Finally—and this one is a little bit tricky because you need to pay attention to the eggshells—cracking eggs is a fun, useful, and overall pretty safe task that you can teach your child to do. Even if they don’t grow up to be a chef, they’ll still probably need to crack an egg or two from time to time when they’re older.