3 Ways to Plan Your Weekends Differently

We all look forward to the weekend, but when it rolls around do you find that your kids start squabbling with each other, everyone’s demanding food all of the time, and the family takes so long to get ready it’s barely worth making a trip out? These issues are very common, and natural, given that by Saturday everyone is pretty tired after a long week at work or school. Check out these simple tips that can help you prepare for these eventualities and plan your weekends better.

Agree on a Wake-Up Time

Nobody wants to set alarms on a Saturday, but at the same time, it’s a good idea to keep everyone in roughly the same sleep pattern as during the week, so that Monday isn’t too much of a shock. Agree on a good wake-up time as a family, to make getting up easier you could prep some pancake batter or something else equally delicious the night before so that everyone knows they’ve got a great breakfast to get up for.

Limit Screen Time in the Mornings

One of the biggest causes of sibling arguments is screen time, especially as playing games on devices can make kids feel groggy and grouchy. Establish a rule—mornings should be for spending time outside, reading, coloring, or playing with toys. By limiting screen time in this way, you’ll help your kids to have happier mornings, and you’re also setting an incentive of something to look forward to (and behave for) if you set screen time for evenings.

Plan an Outdoors Activity

Unless the weather is truly awful, it’s a good idea to step outside as a family and get some fresh air. This can help if anyone is feeling tired from the week, or if squabbles are starting to happen. Whether it’s a short stroll around your local park, or an epic hike in the mountains, agreeing to do an outside activity together can make the weekend feel more purposeful and enjoyable.