3 Ways To Make a Long Car Journey With Your Kids Easier

Few of us enjoy long car journeys, and having kids in the car can make them feel even longer. Between having to stop every half an hour for a comfort break, to answering the question, ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ multiple times on the journey, traveling with kids can test your patience. Follow these simple tips to make the whole experience much more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Plan Your Rest Breaks

Check out your route before you set off, and know exactly where you’re going to stop along the way. Giving your kids this information can help them to feel less restless in the car, and will hopefully avoid any emergency toilet stops as you will know how long it is before the next rest break. Breaking up the journey makes it feel more manageable for everyone, which should lead to a calmer, happier atmosphere in the car.

Pack an Activity Bag

For each child, select three to four car-friendly activities (such as coloring, playing cards, or mini puzzles) and pack them in their own bag. Your kids will enjoy having access to their own activity packs and being able to entertain themselves with some games and puzzles should keep things calmer and quieter in the back.

Healthy Travel Snacks

One of the things that can contribute to bad moods and difficult atmospheres on long journeys is eating too many sweets or junk food treats. Make sure everyone has access to healthy, hydrating snacks, such as fresh fruit, sliced vegetables, unsweetened popcorn, and nuts. This will ensure that nobody gets hangry, or too hyper from too much processed sugar.