3 Ways to Help Your Kid Study

Studying for exams is never fun, but of course, it is the key to success. To help your child and encourage them, there are a few things you can do. Some of these may take a little time, but if your kid aces their exams, it’s got to be worth it, right?

Sticky Notes

Although it may not look pretty, sticking up little notes with reminders of key facts for the exam can really help information stick in the brain. Let your kid tack up notes in places where they will see them often (like the fridge door, or around their bedroom). Not only will seeing the notes help them remember key details, but they can also act as a prompt for you to remind them to study.

Go Over Mock Papers

Ask your child’s teacher for some past papers for their subjects. Go over these together, so your child doesn’t feel the pressure to do an entire mock exam by themselves. Highlight any questions they are struggling with, and if you’re unsure make sure you have a study or course guide close to hand, so you can check any answers.

Let Them Take Some Time Out

The chances are, your kid is feeling the pressure with these exams – the worst thing you can do as a parent is to pile even more on. Encourage and support them with their studies, but don’t forget to let them take some time out and relax, too. Whether it’s enjoying an evening out with friends, or chilling at home with you, bringing some balance to their study schedule will help them be more successful overall.

Studying for an exam is always intense, but with your support and encouragement, your kid stands a great chance of smashing that exam!