3 Ways to Get Your Kids Physically Active at Home

On those days when you just don’t have time to leave the house, or the weather is keeping you inside, it can be a good idea to set up some physical activities to help your kids burn off their energy. Not only will this help them sleep when bedtime rolls around, but it will also make your life easier as they should be slightly calmer post-exercise.

Online Workouts

There are some great kid-friendly online workouts out there, including those that combine learning with exercise. Why not dance along to the rapping unicorn and learn your times tables at the same time, or play a grammar hop game that requires you to be as quick on your feet as you are with your capital letters and full stops? Do a YouTube search and there should be plenty of options to choose from.

Silent Workouts

If you’re all stuck inside, you don’t want any activities that are going to create lots of noise. Why not do a silent workout with your kids, which involves classic moves such as star jumps, burpees, and running with high knees, all done as silently as possible? Not only will this keep things manageable for you, but it will also encourage better, healthier form as your children will focus on landing jumps as lightly and quietly as possible.

Kids’ Yoga

Another quieter option is to try out some kids’ yoga. There are plenty of videos online, and most of these will carefully explain each move and repeat it several times so your kids have the chance to master them. Most of the videos are fairly short, so it could be a good option to play one of these at the end of a more boisterous workout, to calm everybody back down.