3 Ways to Get Your Kids Active

It can be hard to stay active, especially in the winter months, but if you’re a parent it’s a good idea to instill a love of exercise in your kids. If you find that your children can sometimes be reluctant to get moving, check out these tips on helping them start to love exercise.

Make a Game of It

If you’re heading out on a family hike, make a game or competition of it. See who can spot the most wild animals, interesting plants, or trees, or take step monitors and see which of you takes the most steps. Adding in this element will make most children more interested in the activity and therefore more likely to join in.

Make it Snappy

Often, children are interested in being active but feel daunted by the amount of time it can take. Let them join in with TikTok trends for quick dances and one-minute workouts. This way, they’re moving without even realizing that it counts as exercise—a win-win!

Join in With Friends

You could suggest to the parents of your kid’s friends that you all take your children to a dance, gymnastics, or martial arts group. This way, your child is getting active whilst being social, and they will have loads of fun hanging out with their friends.