3 Ways To Bond With Your Baby

Bonding with your baby is one of the most significant undertakings of early motherhood, as it will lay the foundations for the relationship you have with your child as they grow and develop into adulthood. While for some people bonding comes naturally, others can find it more complex and need advice and support on the best methods. Below, check out three key ways that will consolidate and strengthen your bonding with your baby, paving the way for a healthy, happy relationship with them as they grow into a child.

Pre-Birth Bonding

Before your baby is born, they can hear and recognize your voice as they develop in the womb. Take opportunities to address them directly (even if it’s just a ‘bump’), and respond to any kicking or movement verbally by placing a hand over your stomach to gently return the contact. Getting used to addressing your baby bump will help you when it comes to chattering away to your baby once they are born, which is also an important element of bonding.

Skin-to-Skin Contact

Skin-to-skin contact is essential when it comes to developing the bond between you and your baby, especially when they are at the stages when they can’t speak to you or verbalize what they need. Whether you take a nap and lay them across your chest, or simply stroke their hands and face as you gaze at each other, promoting skin-to-skin contact is an important building block when it comes to developing your bond.

Anticipate Their Needs

While you can’t be expected to know exactly what your baby wants and needs every time, you will start to learn their patterns and it will become easier to predict whether they want food, some play time, a nap, or some time spent together outside. By responding to their needs and providing the food, blankets, toys, or time together, your baby will trust you on a deep level and this will further enhance your bond.