3 Ways Parenting Today is Different Than it Was 20 Years Ago

Parenting, much like everything else, evolves over time. The way we children grow up today is markedly different from how they did 20 years ago. Here are some comparisons you might find interesting. 

The Digital Dimension

Two decades ago, the internet was still burgeoning, and social media was virtually non-existent. Parents didn’t have to contend with the challenges of screen time, online safety, or social media influence on their children. Today, parents have to navigate the complex task of monitoring their children’s screen time, ensuring their safety online, and dealing with the impact of social media on their children’s mental health and self-esteem.

Changes in Disciplinary Approaches

20 years ago, parenting was more authoritative, and disciplinary approaches like spanking were more commonly accepted. The emphasis was often on obedience and respect. In contrast, modern parenting leans towards a more empathetic and understanding approach. Practices like positive reinforcement, open communication, and setting healthy boundaries are more prevalent. 

The Role of Fathers

Traditionally, fathers were often the breadwinners, and their role in parenting was more about providing for the family. Today, on the other hand, there’s a growing emphasis on the importance of fathers being actively involved in parenting. This shift reflects a broader change in societal attitudes towards parenting and gender roles.