3 Unexpected Benefits of Nanny Share

Finding a good nanny is an issue most families deal with nowadays, so it’s not a shocker to see nanny shares gaining traction. The main idea behind nanny share is that two or more families share one nanny, but why is this concept so popular and what are its benefits?

Lower Cost

Childcare can be extremely expensive and many families struggle to afford it. Nanny share emerged as the more accessible and affordable option because it allows several families to share the cost of the nanny’s salary among them, significantly decreasing their expenses.

Amazing Nanny

Top-quality nannies often ask for a higher salary, and you might struggle to afford to pay it when you’re on your own. Instead of settling for less, you can always consider giving nanny share a try because it’s more likely you’ll be able to pay for the hands-on care of an amazing nanny.

Social Factor

Nanny share can also do your baby a lot of good due to its social benefits. Your baby will be more likely to develop relationship-building skills while socializing with other children. Your kids will get the socialization benefits of a preschool or daycare, while still getting individualized attention from their nanny.