3 Tips for Surviving Your Kid’s First Haircut

Taking your child to the hairdresser or barber for the first time can be a stressful experience. Whilst some children will sit perfectly still throughout, others need a little more convincing to get into that chair. If you’re wondering how you’ll survive your kid’s first proper haircut, check out these tips.

Find A Kid Friendly Hairdresser

The first thing you need to do is find a professional who has lots of experience working with children. Children can be upset and unnerved by the haircutting experience for lots of reasons, so you need a hairdresser who’s seen it all before and knows exactly how to calm them down.

Take Your Kid Along To One Of Your Haircuts

Whilst you may treasure your time in the salon as some precious ‘me-time’, it may be a good idea to bring your kid along before they have their own hair done, so that they can see what the deal is. For some children, the term ‘hair cut’ implies that there will be pain, but when they see you leafing through a magazine and sipping a latte, the chances are their fears will vanish.

Let Your Kid Choose Their Style

Ok, so letting your kid choose their own hair style needs to be done within reason! You may have to explain to your kid that certain hair dyes and cuts will not be permitted at school. But giving them the choice and independence to make the decision can make the experience of going to the hair dresser or barber much more exciting, and it’s likely that they’ll sit perfectly still in the chair as they watch their chosen hair style take shape.

Your kid’s first hair cut doesn’t have to be a traumatic moment for you and them – follow these tips, and you may even discover that it can be fun!