3 Struggles Every Mom Keeps to Herself

Some of us have had the joy of becoming a parent and have loved this job every step of the way, except for those moments when parenting becomes the hardest thing in the world.

Most parents don’t want to complain about their kids, thinking that other parents would judge them. However, they are all on the same boat, probably thinking the same exact thing but not sharing it for the fear of being judged as a bad parent.

In particular, there are 5 struggles that every mom keeps to herself and doesn’t share with the other moms.

First of all, she always had to be in between being a mom and a friend. A mom wants to see you have fun and be happy, but also grow up into a good human being.

So she needs to discipline you, to teach you, even when sometimes all she would like to do is to have fun with you. A mom is a human being but is considered to be a superheroine.

From the day the kids are born, everyone expects her to be able to solve any problems, to always know where everything is and to be always present for her kids no matter her plans or needs. She struggles to understand her kids.

She really tries to get what kids are up to these days and she tries to accept it and approve it.

She keeps up with trends and new habits trying to fit in in a world she doesn’t belong to, just to make her kids happy.