3 Skills All Teenagers Should Learn

When your child moves into their teens, you’ll want to start planning for their independence. Although it can feel like a long way off, before you know it they’ll be thinking about college or moving out. Help them prepare for this by ensuring that they have essential skills to keep themselves clean, healthy, and happy. Here are three skills which every teenager should be taught by their parents.


Check that your child knows how to set the washing machine, hang out clothes to dry, and check labels for washing instructions. Whilst some of these things may seem obvious to adults, for teenagers who’ve never had to deal with it before it can seem daunting. Get in the habit of asking them to gather up laundry from the household and set the machine (with you in attendance, if you feel they need some support at first). Talk to them about ironing and drying clothes, too, because this will be essential if they’re moving out for a job.

Dish Washing

It may seem like one of the most basic domestic tasks of all, but does your teen understand how to wash glass, scrub ground food off, and dry cutlery with a cloth to make it shine? It’s the little details that matter here. You may also want to check that their dishwashing technique isn’t wasting loads of dishwashing soap or water. Show them how it’s done, and then ask them to wash up after dinner once or twice a week. This will help them become a better future housemate when they do move out and live with others.


There’s nothing worse than a carpet or floor that hasn’t been vacuumed in months. Teach your teen how to get into all of the corners, under sofas and other furniture, and up the stairs with the vacuum. Regular vacuuming helps to reduce dust and other allergens and leads to a much nicer living environment, so make sure your teen is well-schooled in using the vacuum cleaner.