3 Play Ideas to Inspire Creativity

Kids’ play is an incredible thing. It not only keeps them entertained and provides them with hours of fun, but it can also provide many opportunities for learning and development. All kinds of play can help with specific areas of learning, such as math and science, as well as word apprehension. An area of development that many people want to encourage in their kids is creativity, as it can be a source of joy and entertainment throughout their lives as well as help improve problem-solving skills and innovative thinking processes. Here are some ideas for play that can help inspire creativity.

Hand Painting

This simple activity can provide hours of fun and is a lovely way for your kid to play with creating shapes and mixing colors. This is super easy to set up as well, and you can simply offer some skin-safe paints along with some card or paper and let their imaginations run free. 

Using a Xylophone

This choice of instrument for kids is perfect, as they’re easy to play and don’t create any harsh sounds, meaning they can play around with sounds in whatever way they like without it being too painful to listen to. You can often find kids’ xylophones which may be smaller and more visually pleasing. 

Writing Short Stories

Kids love coming up with whacky tales, so getting them to write these down is an ideal way to encourage this enjoyment. If they’re not great at writing then you can help them out and use it as a chance to teach them more writing skills.