3 of the Best Festive Family Films

Nothing says Christmas like curling up on the sofa and watching a fabulous festive movie. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide on one—so here are three of the best, to help narrow down your list.

The Grinch

Always quotable and a great film for all the family, The Grinch is one of those Christmas films that promises fantastic entertainment and some heartfelt messages about friendship, family, and love. With enough songs to sing along to without it feeling like a musical, this is an excellent choice for Christmas Eve when all the family are gathered together.


Will Ferrel’s performance is ranked as a classic for a reason. With perfect comic timing and unbelievable dedication to his character, Ferrel makes this film equal parts hilarious and heartwarming. Try watching it on Christmas day, once all the excitement of the present opening and the meal has passed.

Miracle On 34th Street

This classic film from the 1940s is a sweet tale about the real-life Santa Claus helping a young girl to rediscover her belief in him and her love of Christmas. With some stunning shots of New York and an unbelievable department store interior, this is a great film for indulging in some nostalgia.