3 of the Best Breakfasts to Feed Your Kids

We all know that breakfast is an important meal of the day, and this is especially true for kids who need lots of energy as they grow, develop, and learn each day. Make sure your kids get each day off to a great start by feeding them one of these wholesome, healthy breakfasts.

Wholemeal Toast

Wholegrains are sources of slow-release fiber, and they contain other essential vitamins and nutrients to keep your kids healthy. Top the toast with their favorite spread, or if you have time, a boiled egg to provide them with some protein and vitamin D.

Fruit and Yogurt

If your kid isn’t that hungry in the mornings, try a small bowl of natural yogurt with their favorite fruit. Yogurt contains calcium and protein, essential for healthy development and growth, whilst the fruit will provide them with much-needed vitamins and fiber.


Oats are a fantastic source of slow-release energy, and contain many essential nutrients which are great for kids’ health. Top the porridge with fruit, yogurt, and nuts (even a bit of chocolate spread if it helps convince your kid to eat it!).