3 Mindful Activities to Keep Kids Calm

Do you ever worry that the only time your kids are quiet and calm is when they’re glued to their screen or device? It’s oh-so-easy for parents and kids alike to get used to a routine where screens are used as a calming distraction, but the issue with this is that your kids will start to associate screens with their main method of relaxation. Expand the options by introducing them to some fun, yet mindful activities that can keep them quiet, focused, and content on a rainy weekend afternoon.


While perhaps not mindful in the traditional sense, puzzles and word games require focus and concentration, and many kids quickly become totally absorbed in the game. Try a book of crosswords, word searches, or sudoku if your kid is more math-focused. As well as keeping their attention and helping them to relax, many of these games will also teach important skills such as spelling, logic, and number skills.

Mindful Coloring

There’s a reason mindful coloring remains so popular for kids and adults alike. Selecting the colors involves some creative decision making, but otherwise, you can become entirely absorbed in the patterns and designs of the coloring. Unlike using a screen, this activity will develop your kid’s awareness of colors and some of their fine motor skills, and it won’t damage their eyes in the way that staring at the TV or a device can.


While it’s true that learning to knit can be a far from relaxing process, once your kids have got the hang of the technique you will be amazed at how they will sit quietly, absorbed in their knitting. Set them a project, such as completing a scarf within a certain time frame, and they will enjoy spending time meeting this challenge. This is also a great activity to teach them various skills, some of which they can carry on using for life.