3 Houseplants That Are Kid-Friendly

Houseplants are a great way to decorate your living space and breathe some life into it, but if you have young kids at home you want your houseplants to be easy to look after (who has the time for careful soaking and feeding?), non-toxic, and fairly hardy. Check out these three houseplants, which fulfill all of the above criteria and are sure to make your home look stunning.

Christmas Cactus

With bright flowers that show up year-round, this stunning little plant looks lovely on a desk or set beside a window. Don’t worry, despite its name, it’s not spiky and won’t hurt curious little hands. It’s non-toxic for kids and pets, and is commonly given as a gift because it’s not only pretty, it’s also easy to look after. Just remember not to overwater, and this little plant should be blooming year-round!

Prayer Plant

At night, the leaves of this plant fold inwards, giving it its name. This plant is non-toxic and fairly hardy, it can survive being kept in a darker space and will last a few weeks if you forget to water it. The beautiful patterns on the leaves make this an eye-catching plant, and it can look stunning set at the center of the dining table.

Spider Plants

Non-toxic to children and pets (although cats may enjoy chewing on the leaves, so move it out of your cat’s reach if necessary), these plants are famously hardy and tough. The leaves will change color to a pale green when the plant is in desperate need of water, so if you forget this visual signal can be a handy reminder. These plants can live in direct sunlight or in shade and don’t need additional feeding.