3 Home Activities for Your Child While They’re Sick

There’s nothing more terrifying to a parent than when their child is sick. If the sickness is a mild one, it’s still a hard thing for the parent to go through, and taking care of them is something that requires all of their attention. If you’re trying to figure out how to keep your child entertained while their sick, here are three options.

Movies and TV Shows

We normally wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to show your kids movies and TV shows—but the rules are different when they’re sick. Sometimes being sick is about just getting through it, and this can be hard for a child to understand. For this reason, they can be allowed to have a “treat” and watch their favorite programs.


There’s no reason that a child can’t stimulate their brain while sick at home. If they’re feeling up to it, suggest that they complete an educational game or puzzle to pass the time. It’ll raise their confidence, and also help them get through this hard time.


You can’t really go wrong with the tried and true classic. Reading books to your children is such a wonderful thing to do even when they’re not sick, so all the more reason for you to warm their heart with a good story when they are.