3 Great Spring Activities for the Whole Family

As spring approaches, most of us feel ready to get outside and make the most of the brighter, warmer weather. Here are three fabulous family activities to try in your garden, local park, or out on the trail.

Bird Watching

Do a little research and find out the top 10 species that you’re likely to see in your area. Buy or print images of these, and make sure you have binoculars to hand, so your kids can spot the birds in the trees and tick off those they’ve identified. This is a great activity to do in any outside space, and works well early in the morning or at dusk, as birds are in the trees at these times.

Woodland Walks

Spring is the perfect time of year to visit the woods because the leaves will be incredibly fresh and vibrant. Again, taking along a tree guide or a decent app on your phone can help your kids notice the differences between various species, and it will help them learn some of the names. The best thing about the woods is that, on a good day, you can combine all three of these activities into one great family day out!

Flower Spotting

Once the flowers start coming up, head out with a plant guide and see how many blooms you can spot. Equip your kids with a magnifying glass and encourage them to really notice the shape and colors of the petals. Some kids can get absorbed in this for hours, and it’s a great mindful activity for the whole family.