3 Great Nature-Based Crafts

Setting up craft activities for your kids (and for yourself) to enjoy is a great way to while away the time on a long Sunday afternoon while teaching your kids some important fine motor skills. If you don’t want your kids crafting with chemicals, turn to nature to provide you with the materials for some great crafting activities.

Willow Weaving

This is definitely a craft skill that your kids will need adult supervision for, as the willow sticks can be sharp and pointed. Why not head along to a crafting community or afternoon with your kids, so that someone who is experienced in this craft can show you all how it’s done? Alternatively, try a few YouTube videos to get the hang of the technique. You will be able to buy the willow sticks online or from a decent craft shop.


Felting involves using coarse, natural fibers (often sheep’s wool or fleece) and matting them together using soap and water, to create items such as drinks coasters, placemats, or wall hangings. Those who are experienced can create some stunning designs with this traditional craft, but for newbies, it may be better to simply focus on the technique of matting the fibers together. When done properly, it will be incredibly difficult to pull the fibers apart once dried.

Wood Carving

Another activity in which it’s essential to ensure your kids are supervised, wood carving is incredibly satisfying and the kind of activity that you can quickly get the hang of. As well as the wood, you will need some protective gloves or wrist guards (just in case the knife slips), a carving knife, and a mat to collect all the shavings on.