3 Great Craft Activities for a Winter’s Afternoon

When the weather is cold and grey, there can be a lot of pressure on parents to provide entertainment for kids at home. Craft-based activities are a great way to fill the time and can teach both kids and adults important new skills. Here are three craft activities to try at home the next time it’s too cold and wet to go out for a hike.

Jewelry Making

Kids of all genders will love stringing beads along strings and wires, and with adult supervision, they can get involved in wire cutting and attempting more intricate designs. Whether you make the jewelry to gift or keep, this is a great activity that only requires a few resources before you get started.

Clay Work

Working with clay is in itself satisfying and fun, and it’s even better if you can construct your own creations. Some clays can be fired in a home oven, so your sculpting doesn’t require a trip to a kiln. Find some natural objects such as shells, pine cones, or feathers to inspire your sculpting, or make whatever comes into your imagination.


If you’re not a proficient knitter you may need to check out a few Youtube videos to get started, but the simple stitches are remarkably easy to master. Once you’ve got the hang of these, moving on to more complex patterns is the natural progression. Many kids are dextrous with their hands and quick learners, making knitting the perfect skill for them to pick up young.