3 Games You Can Play With Your Child That Everyone Will Enjoy

A fun and important part of parenting is interacting with your children through playing games. This is a great way to develop your child’s personality and can be a different way to bond with them. However, if you have kids of different ages, it can be hard to find a game that suits everyone. Here are three games you can play that everyone will enjoy.


Pictionary is a game in which one person has to draw something and the other people playing have to guess what it is. It can be played with only two people but also in larger groups. It also encourages your child to draw but in a fun setting, and is a game that adults can enjoy just as much as kids.


Everyone is familiar with tag, and it is an enjoyable game for everyone because of how simple it is. It can be played in small or large groups and is a great way for everyone to have fun and be active.


A puzzle is a great project to work on as a family as it requires cooperation and patience. The difficulty level of puzzles can vary significantly as well, so they can be suitable for all ages.