3 Fun Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth Regularly

Brushing your teeth twice a day for approximately two minutes is a must for people of all ages, including your kids. The earlier they learn to stick to the routine, the better, and here are three fun ways to encourage them to practice good dental hygiene on a regular basis.

Creative Games

Turning brushing into a game is a good idea if your kids aren’t too enthusiastic about it. Have them brush their teeth during a commercial break, set a timer, or crank up their favorite song while they’re in the bathroom. By doing so, they’ll associate tooth brushing with something positive and they’ll be more excited about doing it.

Offer Rewards

Kids are often motivated by getting rewarded for their good behavior. It’s up to you to figure out what gets them going, whether it’s a reward chart where you can stick a star every time they brush, a cookie, or just words of positive reinforcement.

Family Fun

If you’re struggling to convince your kids to brush their teeth on their own, make this activity a family affair. Brushing teeth together will be more fun and it will give you all a reason to smile. It also sets a good example for your kids and they’ll learn good dental hygiene by copying your every move.