3 Fun Things to Include in Your Bedtime Routine

After a hectic day, it can be hard to calm down the mind and body in preparation for sleep. That’s why a bedtime routine for both you and your children can be a huge help. Here are three fun ideas to help you end the day well. 


Listing the things you’re grateful for is scientifically proven to improve your mental health. It can also help release any heaviness from the day and refocus your mind on positive things. Plus, it’s never too early to teach your kids to be grateful. Simply make gratitude a fun bonding activity for the whole family.

Salt Bath

Adding Epsom salt or bath salts with essential oils and minerals into your nighttime bath can help both your mind and body relax. The salts help alleviate the tension in your muscles. A few quiet moments will help let go of the stresses of the day.

Healthy Snack

There are mixed options on this one, but some recent studies show that having a small snack before bed can improve the quality of sleep. This could be a piece of cheese with honey, fruit, or yogurt. Experiment with adding a snack into your routine and see if it’s right for you.