3 Fun Brain Training Activities to Try With Kids

Raising kids is a never-ending learning opportunity for all involved. As they grow and explore the world, you can help them test out their bodies and their minds to help them better understand how the world works. While this occurs naturally, it’s also a good idea to give them activities that specifically focus on training the mind. Here are some fun ones that will keep them entertained and help their brains develop.


This simple activity can be loads of fun and helps to get the brain working. Scanning the text for words to pop out helps with word recognition and reading skills, and kids love the excitement of searching for hidden words in the grid. 

Rubiks Cube 

These clever gadgets can be incredibly hard to solve, but simply the act of playing around with them and moving the blocks to form patterns is a unique way to test out the brain’s abilities to solve puzzles. 

Spot the Difference

This fun game can keep kids entertained for hours, but it’s also an excellent way to train their observational and comparison skills. This one is easy to gradually increase the difficulty level with as well.

Counting Games

You may have to use your imagination more for this one, but it can be quite simple. The main aspect is finding something for your child to count and then turning it into some kind of game to make it more fun.