3 Fun Activities to Replace Screen Time

For many parents, limiting screen time can become a bit of a battle. What makes this even harder is that for many parents, screen time offers some peace and quiet as their kids are happily distracted. It’s understandable that many people don’t feel prepared to ban screen time altogether, when the alternatives may involve having to entertain the kids all day and most of the evening. Check out these simple activities that can replace screen time, to help you reduce it as a family while still maintaining some peace and quiet for parents.

Chess (Or Similar Board Games)

If you have more than one child, and they are of similar ages, teaching them how to play chess can fill up hours of time that would otherwise be spent on screens. Chess is also incredibly useful at developing children’s planning and logical thinking abilities, so you are supporting your children’s development while giving them a break away from a screen.

Jigsaw Puzzles

For younger children, often what appeals about screen time is the bright colors and flashing lights used to encourage kids to play various online games. Why not pick up a few bright puzzles, to do as a family or to set for your kid as a solo challenge? Many kids will enjoy the tactile nature of placing the puzzle pieces down, and as their skill develops you can invest in more complex jigsaws.

Kitchen Prep

Why not ask your kids to lend a hand in the kitchen for half an hour? For lots of kids, this feels exciting because cooking is associated with adult independence. Set them simple tasks such as mixing ingredients together, kneading dough or measuring small quantities of ingredients. Again, this activity will develop many important skills including fine motor skills and an awareness of measuring and mixing.