3 Films to Watch With Your Kids This Winter

As the nights draw in and the days get chillier, ‘tis the season to get cozy in front of the TV and watch some good films. Here are three films that you and your kids will love!

Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas is a very fun and silly animated film about one of Santa’s sons’ (Arthur) battle to save Christmas. In addition to being packed with jokes that will have viewers of all ages laughing, it also contains some scenes that will tug at the heartstrings.


Elf is a Christmas classic that warrants watching every year. Starring Will Ferrell as a human who believes he is an elf; it has many iconic scenes and a plot that encapsulates the Christmas spirit. The setting of New York gives it an extra-Christmassy feeling as a backdrop for all of the hilarious moments.

Surf’s Up

Though it’s definitely not a Christmas film, it is a very enjoyable watch for kids and adults alike. With hilarious characters and a storyline that gets quite emotional at times, it’s got moments that all the family can enjoy. Set on a tropical island, it’s the perfect film to act as an antidote to the cold evenings.