3 Family Games to Play Outside This Summer

In the summer months, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the warmer, drier weather and spend time with your kids outside being active. You can always opt for a hike or a bike ride, but if you fancy something a little different why not try one of these great family games? Most of them require very little equipment, so you can enjoy some quality family time outside without having to prep and plan for hours.


Playing catch is a great way to develop younger children’s fine motor skills, and once your children are older and more adept at catching and throwing, you can challenge them by throwing the ball harder and giving them a chance to run off some of their energy. Simply find a space in a public park, or in your garden if it’s large enough, and enjoy some great family fun with a game of catch.

Bat and Ball Games

Whether you opt for a family version of baseball, cricket, or rounders, playing games with bats and balls can be a great source of fun and hilarity. You can try and follow the rules of an official sport, or make up your own if there aren’t enough players. With bat and ball games, it’s worth finding a large open space in a park or perhaps on the beach, so that everyone can hit the ball with abandon and without worrying about it going into a neighbor’s garden.


Badminton is a great racket sport to play as a family, as the light shuttlecock is less likely to hurt younger children than a tennis ball. Again, you can play by the official rules or simply have fun volleying the shuttlecock to each other. Just be mindful that on windy days, the shuttlecock has a habit of flying all over the place!