3 Ethical Gift Options for Christmas

At this time of year, children are beginning to think about writing wish lists for Christmas, and you may find yourself becoming more aware of what’s in the toy shops. Whilst there are undeniably some fantastic new toys out there, there are also plenty that generate a lot of plastic waste, and will be forgotten about by New Year’s Day. If you’re looking to cut down on waste but still ensure your kids have a great Christmas, check out these gift ideas.

Craft Kits

If your child is arty and interested in making things, why not get them a craft or a build-your-own kit? Not only can these activities keep them absorbed for hours, but they will also learn new skills and techniques. You could even buy two and do them together, to get some quality shared time in there too.


Why not present tickets for a theme park, or even for a trip away, in a Christmas card? Some of the greatest childhood memories are formed on those fantastic family days out and holidays away, so get them something they’ll treasure forever in the form of an exciting experience.

Locally Made

If you are going to buy some toys and physical gifts, why not opt for sustainable, locally-made ones? If you head to a local Christmas market, or check out your independent shops, they should be filled with great gifts that aren’t damaging the planet with their plastic waste.