3 Educational Ways To Entertain Your Kid Indoors

Sometimes being a parent is simply about finding ways to entertain them. This can be the case when it comes to taking them out to interesting places, but also when it comes to doing activities indoors. Naturally, our parental instinct is to try and encourage them to do something educational—so here are three cool educational things they can do at home.

Treasure Hunt

There’s nothing more classic than a good old fashioned treasure hunt. Encourage them to construct their own hunt with a set of challenges, which you can then follow when they’re done. This will challenge their creative and strategic capabilities, and they’ll get a kick out of watching you follow their trail.


We don’t care what anyone else says—puzzles are still cool. At the very least, they’re incredibly educational, and your child will absolutely love solving one. If you do it together with them as a bonding experience, even better!

Puppet Show

Puppets aren’t limited to shows like Sesame Street or the Muppets. Anyone can put one on, and you may find that your kids actually have fun doing it. This will engage their imagination and even help them develop a flair for acting and drama.