3 Drinks to Hydrate Your Kid if They Don’t Like Water

Lots of children go through phases of being reluctant to drink water. Whether it’s because they claim to find the taste of water ‘boring’ or that they simply don’t recognize the signs that they are thirsty, lots of parents battle with children over making sure they are getting enough hydration. If your child is currently reluctant or refusing to drink enough water, check out these three alternatives which are great at providing hydration, without being too high in sugar or artificial sweeteners.


As well as being a great natural source of calcium and protein, milk can be a fantastic source of hydration. It can be served warm or cold depending on your child’s preference, and if they insist on flavoring it then whizzing it up in a food processor with some fresh berries or a banana will create a nutritious, hydrating smoothie.

Flavored Waters

You can naturally infuse water with some flavor by squeezing some lemon, lime, or orange juice into a glass of water. Another option is to freeze fruit juice into ice cubes and drop a few of these into some water, to flavor the water just enough to tempt your child to drink it!

Herbal Teas

Sometimes, the excitement of a different kind of drink will be enough to persuade a child to hydrate themselves. Making your kid a cup of mint, lemon, or berry tea using store-bought tea bags or fresh ingredients at home can be a great way of encouraging them to drink a bit more. Make sure you add a splash of cold water to their cup, to avoid the risk of them burning themselves.