3 Drawbacks of Prolonged Pacifier Use Worth Keeping in Mind

Babies sure do love their pacifiers, but there comes a time when they should let them go. Most toddlers find dummies comforting and soothing, but if they insist on using them for too long, there are some potential risks that you should keep in mind.

Dental Problems

The biggest drawback of long-term pacifier use is the dental issues they can cause. Using the dummy beyond the age of two or three is highly discouraged because it can negatively impact the alignment of the teeth, potentially causing an improper bite, protrusion of the front teeth, and other dental problems.

Speech Development

Children who have pacifiers in their mouths at all times are less likely to talk, and prolonged use can interfere with their speech development. In addition to having trouble verbalizing their needs, kids who use dummies for too long might have difficulty pronouncing “s” and “z” sounds later in life.

Pacifier Dependency

The longer your kid uses the pacifier, the harder it will be to let it go. Dependency on pacifiers isn’t early to break, so you should start working on it early on, by limiting pacifier use and using other soothing techniques to keep your little one comfy and relaxed.