3 Dog Breeds Which Make Great Family Pets

If you’re considering getting a dog as a family pet for the first time, you may want to consider the breed of dog you get. Dog breeds don’t just vary by appearance, they also have very different temperaments and different levels of ability to deal with small children in the house at the same time. The best part about getting a dog as a family pet is seeing your kids interact and play with the dog, so you want to make sure the breed you choose is safe, friendly, and well-natured. Here are three of the most popular and reliable family pet dog breeds.


One of the most popular family breeds, labradors’ soft, seal-like eyes reveal their loving and playful temperaments. As puppies, they can be a little energetic and a tad mischievous, but some good puppy training classes should ensure that your dog grows up to be a calm, caring pet. As with any animal, you will need to ensure that young children understand the boundaries and that they aren’t teasing or hurting the dog in any way.

Cocker Spaniel

These bundles of energy will need regular walks, but you can view this as a great way to exercise your kids at the same time as the dog. Friendly, loving, and always eager to hang out, spaniels love to feel part of the family and will play with any human who throws a ball for them.


Poodles are renowned for their amazing intelligence, and will happily learn any tricks your kids want to teach them. They are also loyal and loving and will stick by you on a walk with little risk of them running off. Their gentle natures mean they can be trusted around small children, although like any pet they will spook at sudden loud noises so be mindful of this.