3 Day Trip Ideas for the Summer Vacation

Lots of kids will soon be on their summer vacation from school, and with the long break can come pressure for parents to entertain all day long. Why not plan some great day trips now, so that your kids have something to look forward to, and so that you know that you will be setting aside some time from work to spend time with them, without necessarily committing to providing entertainment for them every day of the break. Here are three fun and easy day trip ideas for you to use with your family.

Head To The Zoo

Summer is a good season to visit a zoo, as many of the animals are more active than in the winter months. Whether you opt for a traditional zoo or a safari park, there should be plenty on offer to keep the whole family interested and engaged for a day out. Zoos often have safe, contained play areas for kids, so you can let them entertain themselves for half an hour while you enjoy a coffee break.

Make A Beach Picnic

A day at the beach can be extended if you pack a picnic and plan a seaside feast. Get your kids involved in helping you to make the picnic, so that the labor is shared, and make sure that everyone has at least some of their favorite foods and snacks in the picnic hamper. Set up at the beach with a blanket, a wind break and a parasol if needed, and let everyone help themselves to picnic food as and when they’ve had enough time swimming or sandcastle building.

Plan A Long Hike

Why not use your local area to plan a long hike? Make sure the difficulty level will be doable for your kids, and get everyone prepared with appropriate footwear and clothing. Pack snacks and plenty of water, and then let your kids navigate the route map so that they are engaged and feel like they are leading your hike.