3 Christmas Decorations to Make With Kids

Making Christmas decorations is a great way to pass a rainy afternoon, and if the results are good enough you can even gift them as presents to friends and neighbors. Check out these three Christmas decorations which need minimal tools or expertise to make.

Sparkle and Shine

Head out on a bracing winter’s walk to collect some pine cones—you’ll want to make sure they’re intact and dry. Once back home, lightly scrub them with a brush to clean them, and blow dry them to make sure there’s no residual dampness. Next, either paint or spray metallic-toned paints over the pine cones, to create gorgeous, gleaming decorations!

Wire Twist Stars

Make sure that young children are accompanied with this one. Purchase some gold or silver wire from a craft shop, and then twist it into the shape of a star. It may be easier to make two triangles, and then use wire to link them together. Hang the stars in a window or on the Christmas tree to spread some festive joy.

Paper Wreaths

You can make a gorgeous wreath using a circle of strong cardboard. With some strong glue on hand, tear strips of tissue paper to create a beautiful, colorful, and unique wreath. This won’t stand up to being left outdoors, so pop it on the living room doorway, or even use it to top off the tree!