3 Best Types of Children’s Clothing to Buy at Thrift Stores

Buying second-hand clothes for your kids is a great money saver because they tend to outgrow them pretty quickly, but not all types of clothes are created equal. You should always be selective during your thrift-shopping adventures, but these three types of clothes are usually safe to buy.

Formal Wear

Most pieces of fancy formal wear that you’ll find at thrift stores have only been worn once, and they’ll be well preserved. You should also consider thrift shopping for second-hand dresses and suits because they usually don’t come cheap at regular stores.


Speaking of clothes that your kids will only wear once and then forget all about them, costumes also fall under this category. Thrift stores are treasure troves for unique costumes that are almost brand-new, and that’s where you should shop ahead of Halloween and other costume parties.


You’ll also find a great choice of outerwear such as coats, jackets, and ski suits at your local thrift stores. They may not be as gently used as costumes and clothes for special occasions, but they’ll still be in pretty good shape because kids usually wear them for just one or two seasons, unlike adults.