3 Bad Habits Parents Should Avoid Doing In Front Of Their Kids

Children are extremely impressionable. Especially when they are young, your kids will most likely look up to you for every little thing. Your actions will become their guidelines and because of this, it is extremely important as a parent to know what habits you should not engage in when you are in front of your children.


Smoking is an unhealthy habit that unfortunately, many people have acquired over the years. The nicotine in cigarettes is highly addictive and sometimes the craving for a smoke just hits. If you have small children, smoking around them is never okay. Not only are you promoting this unhealthy habit to them as an acceptable way of life, but you are already infiltrating their young lungs with dangerous smoke that can cause them health problems. If you are a smoker but want your children to learn from your mistakes, try stepping outside and away from your kids every time you smoke and if you have to smoke around them, explain to them why smoking is an unhealthy habit and that you are trying to stop.

Screaming at your partner

It is never beneficial for parents to fight infant of their kids. This can negatively impact the way that the children view relationships and can have an emotional effect for many years to come. If you are in front of your kids and must argue, do it in a more inconspicuous way or go to another room.


Drinking a glass of wine or bottle of beer in front of your kids is fine. But when you are taking out a handle of whiskey every night and pouring yourself eight drinks, not only are you promoting drinking behavior to your kid, but you are also showing them where you keep your hard liquor, which could tempt them to experiment with alcohol when they are too young.