3 Baby Signs to Teach Your Baby

Teaching your baby sign language can be a rewarding way to enhance communication before they develop verbal skills. Here are three essential baby signs to introduce to your little one.


Teach your baby the sign for “more” by bringing together the tips of your fingers on both hands, creating a circular motion. Use this sign during mealtime or when engaging in activities your baby enjoys. Encouraging them to use the “more” sign allows them to express their desire for additional food, toys, or activities, fostering early communication.


Introduce the “eat” sign by bringing your fingers to your mouth, mimicking the motion of bringing food to your lips. Use this sign during feeding times or when your baby is hungry. Associating the sign with the act of eating helps them communicate their basic needs, promoting a sense of independence and reducing frustration.

“All Done” or “Finished”

Teach your baby the sign for “all done” or “finished” by extending both hands and rotating your wrists. Use this sign when an activity or meal is complete. Teaching your baby to signal when they’ve finished eating or playing promotes self-awareness and allows them to communicate their readiness to move on to the next activity.