3 Animated Movies You Should Watch With Your Family This November

Animated movies are the very definition of family-friendly fun, and November has quite a few in store. If you want to have a movie night to remember with your little ones this month, here are three brand-new animated movies worth putting on your watch list.

Trolls Band Together

Universal Pictures’ star-studded Trolls franchise already produced two successful movies, and there’s another one on the way. Poppy and Branch finally become a couple in the third installment, but their lives turn upside down after Poppy discovers he was once a part of a boyband phenomenon, BroZone.


Disney’s upcoming movie was developed in honor of the studio’s 100th anniversary, and it mixes together the concepts that put their films on the map. Wish centers on a 17-year-old girl named Asha who senses darkness in the Kingdom of Rosas and makes a desperate plea to the stars in a moment of need.


If you’re looking for an animated movie you can watch from the comfort of your home this month, Netflix’s Leo will be your cup of tea. It follows a lizard named Leo, who decides to escape the terrarium of a Florida school classroom with his turtle friend Squirtle and live their lives to the fullest after living there for decades.