3 Alternatives to Advent Chocolates

For many people, gifting their child a calendar with a chocolate treat in it for each day of Advent is a tradition of the festive season. However, there are many reasons why parents may not want their children to consume chocolate every day. If you’re looking for a fun and simple alternative that will be just as well received as some candy, check out these ideas for alternative Advent calendars.

Art Supplies

If your kid likes drawing and being creative, why not create a mini art supply station in the form of an Advent calendar? You can pick up “fill your own” Advent calendars in many craft shops (and the best thing is they are reusable, so no unnecessary waste). Fill each day with a coloring pencil, a mini sketchbook, and some crayons, and see the delight on your child’s face as they open each window on the calendar.

Riddles and Jokes

For a real homemade touch, you can handwrite out 24 fun facts, riddles, jokes, and “Did you know?” for your kid to enjoy. Roll them up and tie them with a bit of ribbon before popping them into the Advent calendar windows, so the process of unwrapping them feels exciting and special.

Healthy Snacks

Just because you’re not giving your kid candy, doesn’t mean you can’t create an Advent calendar that includes some of the favorite snacks. Whether it’s dried fruit, nuts, cereal bars, fruit, or something else, your kid will still get a tasty treat for each day of Advent, but you can relax, knowing it’s healthy.