3 Advent Craft Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Advent can be a great way to build anticipation for the upcoming holiday season. To get your children’s creativity rolling, why not suggest one of these crafts?

DIY Advent Calendar

Gather colorful cardstock, small envelopes, or paper cups, and craft supplies like markers, stickers, and ribbons. Number the envelopes or cups from one to 24 and decorate them with festive designs. Fill each pocket with tiny treats or fun activities. Hang them on a string or arrange them in a decorative box, and watch the excitement grow as your kids eagerly open a new surprise every day.

Paper Chain Garland

Cut strips of colorful construction paper or patterned craft paper. Help your children create loops by linking the strips together and securing them with glue or tape. Hang the garland around the house or use it as a countdown decoration by removing one loop each day until Christmas arrives.

Reindeer Handprint Cards

Fold blank cards or cut cardstock into card-sized shapes. Help your children paint the palms of their hands with brown paint and press them onto the front of the cards, creating handprint reindeer. Once dry, decorate the handprints to look like reindeer. These adorable cards make wonderful keepsakes to give to loved ones.