How to Tell Your Going to Have Another Baby

1. If you just can’t seem to get those old baby clothes to the charity, you’re holding on to them for the next one.

2. Is your Pinterest page a collage of nurseries and you repost every breastfeeding tip on Facebook? Definitely hang on to those baby clothes; you’ll need them.

3. You’ve completely forgotten all those times your partner held your hair while you emptied last night’s Pad Thai into the toilet. If you’ve convinced yourself your last pregnancy was a breeze, chances are you’re up for round two.

4. Your baby might be sleeping through the night now, but if you can’t remember how you both turned into zombies, you’re itching to join the cast of The Walking Dead once more.

5. If you cried at your youngest child’s birthday party. Mourning your grown-up “baby” probably means you’re looking to have a new baby.

6. You’ve started asking friends with the next number of children what its really like. X number of children can’t be that bad, can it? Honey, we know you want it.

7. A vasectomy felt wrong, but birth control doesn’t feel right. Maybe you’re slow to put in the plug because you want another?

8. Getting whiplash just to see that peach fuzz in her Bugaboo means you are on the prowl – for another baby.

9. If you’ve started crunching the numbers on the number of grandkids you want, chances are you’ll wind up with another kid of your own – more kids mean more grandkids!

10. This is the job you never want to quit. The days are long, and the nights even longer, being a parent is where you get your kicks and you couldn’t love it anymore.