What You Should Know Before Your Kid Gets Their Ears Pierced

Ear piercings are very individual – some of us have many, whilst others have none. Deciding as a family when it’s the right time for your kid to get theirs done is also very personal, and only you can make that decision. However, once you know it’s the right time, read on for tips and advice on how to make this procedure as fun and relaxed as possible.

Research the Piercer

Nobody wants to shuffle into a dark, dingy piercing studio, especially not when it’s their first time. Check out the best options local to you, read online reviews, and ask around for your friend’s opinions. You could even pop into the studio, with or without your kid, before they actually get their ears pierced, just to check out the environment and the staff. Explain to the piercer beforehand that it’s your kid’s first ear piercing, and a good piercer will understand how to act around them to reduce nerves.

Listen to the Aftercare Advice

All too often, people can skip through the aftercare and assume that their piercing will be fine. Whilst it is unusual for a lobe piercing to react really badly, without thorough cleansing and aftercare, infection is always a possibility. Listen to the piercer’s advice, ask questions, read through the information, and purchase a cleanser they recommend.

Let Your Kid Choose Their Earrings

As a parent, it can be tempting to steer your kid towards the style you would choose. However, getting your ear pierced is a big moment, and it’s important that your kid likes the earrings they get pierced with. After all, they will be keeping them in for a good few weeks, so they need to feel pleased and proud to be wearing them.