What are the Benefits of Bringing Kids Up in the City or the Countryside?

If you have young children and are considering moving home, then a key question may well be whether a rural, countryside setting is best for children to grow up in, or whether a bustling, urban setting would be better. There are many pros and cons to each, so here are some things to consider when thinking about this decision.

Countryside Setting Will Have More Space

When kids are young, one of the best things for them is having space outside to play and build a relationship with the natural world. This sense of freedom in rural areas is unparalleled.

Cities are Great for Socialising

In the countryside, if kids have to ask to be driven to their friends’ houses all the time it can feel restrictive. In a city or town, it’s much easier to just wander around to friends’ houses or meet up in parks.

Countryside Fosters Peaceful Environments

If you’ve ever lived by a busy road then you’ll know how much it affects sleep and general peace of mind. This noise and air pollution can be avoided in a rural area. 

Cities Offer Culture

As much as time with nature is important for kids, so is exposure to different cultures, arts, and walks of life. Cities can enable children to have an open mind and excitement for life from a young age.