Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Nature

One of the best gifts you can give your children is a love for the natural world. If they learn this while young, then they’ll be able to tap into this source of joy throughout their lives. Here are some ideas to help pique their interest in the wonders of nature.

Collect Treasures

Items such as leaves, acorns, shells, and feathers may seem so ordinary, but taking time to really focus on their intricacies will remind you and your kids of how incredible the natural world all around us is. 

Bird Watching

Take your kids on a hike that includes some top bird-spotting areas. Kids will love searching for birds in the wilderness, and even better if you turn it into a game. You could rank each bird depending on rarity, and keep a tally of people’s spotting scores. 

Night Walking

Plan an evening or night walk in a natural area. Take your time with this, and don’t make too much noise. You’ll most likely hear and see some familiar night creatures such as bats and owls. Being out in the dark will be a thrilling experience your kids remember.